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There is a buyer for every merchandize. Or fashion trends for Autumn-Winter season

Do you know how designers and manufactures keep track of mass fashion trends? At exhibitions.  This autumn, from October 26 till October 29, 2010, citizens of Minsk will have a perfect opportunity to evaluate all achievements of leather and fur industry at the trade shows "Leather and fur" and "Footwear. Bags. Accessories". The biggest in Belarus demonstration of Autumn-Winter fashion will be held in the National Exhibition Center "BelExpo" at Prospect Pobeditelei, 14.

Let's start with pleasant news. The trade show "Leather and fur" is not only a holiday of style, chic and beauty, but it is also a wonderful opportunity to save some money. Many exhibitors confirmed their intention to list their leather and fur products for sale without trade margins, i.e. at producers' prices. What will the exhibitors please the visitors with?

"We will present muton, products combining fur and leather, knitted fur jackets, caps, stoles and many other things", Lyudmila Litvinova, Head of the Sewing Department of "Snezhinka", CJSC told us.

"This season we will present the buyers with a collection of jackets made of red fox, silver fox, woolfell, mink fur with different accessories and tight, wide or corset-like belts. There will be plenty of other clothes of upper outfit. Moreover, we have implemented new sewing technology for necklets, i.e. fur capes based on chiffon or silk. They are less heavy and more elegant now", Tatyana Shkrobot, a designer of "Bonetti", Open Society Institute informed us.

She noted that natural fur color would still remain of immediate interest that season and all light tones would be favorites of the season.

Mink fur has always been the top seller. It will lose its popularity this season neither. Moreover, manufacturers have learnt to produce so-called budgetary models from mink fur, now, even students can afford to have a mink coat. Designer Tatyana Shkrobot said that in case of a low budget, one could have mink coat made of pieces that would significantly reduce its price.

Muton will become another flavor-of-the-season. Now, the finishing of this fur is made based on new technologies allowing to make it less heavy.

"80% of products presented by us at the trade show will be of muton of different colors. In addition, we have enlarged our assortment and we will present the visitors with leather and down jackets", Marina Tarasova, a representative of the leading supplier of half-made and final fur products "BelImportMeh", Joint Limited Liability Company reported. "We will have plenty of headgears. Today, the bestsellers are polar fox fur hats "zimushka" (they are also called "snopiki" or hats a-la Brylska). With that gloves shall be replaced with mittens".

Belarusian men start to buy fur coats for themselves more and more often. Beaver fur and Persian Iamb skin are especially popular among the sterner sex.

Women's, men's and children's footwear for home, sports and rest, as well as leather smallwear, accessories, care agents for footwear, devices and equipment for footwear and leather smallwear repair will be presented next to leather and fur products at the trade show "Footwear. Bags. Accessories". The trade show is mainly targeted at wholesale buyers. Nevertheless, it will be interesting for curious citizens to have a peep at footwear fashion that has not arrived to our stores yet.

"We market Polish classic men's footwear", Vadim Grinevich, Director of "OptObuvTorg", Private Trade Unitary Enterprise said. "Our company exists since recently. For us, this participation in the trade show is an opportunity to find wholesale buyers and to establish business cooperation".

Portugal company "Beppi" also promises to present its new collection at the trade show in Minsk. The visitors of the trade show "The world of childhood" held in February, 2010 could see company's products, but until recent couple month, it has been impossible to buy them by retail. At the present time, "Beppi", Private Trade Unitary Enterprise will present interests of "Beppi" trademark in Belarus.

"This time, everyone, who desires, will be able to buy footwear from the new "Beppi" collection as it will be sold by retail. Moreover, we plan to present completely new Autumn-Winter collection at the trade show", the reporter was assured in the Belarusian representative office of the company and his attention was drawn to the fact that the world-known trademark "Beppi" presented not only children's footwear, but also adult's footwear, as well as backpacks, bags, pen-cases, balls, caps and other products for kids.

A wide range of representatives from foreign companies offering Chinese, Russian, Hungarian and Polish footwear will participate in the International trade show "Footwear. Bags. Accessories".

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International trade show "Footwear. Bags. Accessories" will be held in Minsk for the first time

Leading producers and distributors of footwear, bags, accessories, as well as equipment for fabrication and repair of footwear and leather smallwear from Belarus and other countries will gather together at the I International specialized trade show "Footwear. Bags. Accessories", that will be held in Minsk from October 26 to October 29 in the National Exhibition Center "BelExpo" located at the address: Prospect Pobeditelei, 14


It is time to get dressed from top to toe: specialized trade shows "Leather and fur" and "Footwear. Bags. Accessories" will be held in Minsk

What unites manufacturers of footwear, bags and outdoor clothes? The first answer that comes to one’s mind is fashion. Jackets and high boots shall match each other - there is no other way. The second one is materials. Leather and fur are used in both footwear manufacturing and fabrication of rain, fur and sheepskin coats. And, as from this autumn, there will be one more uniting factor, i.e. the trade show in Minsk. The first specialized trade shows "Leather and fur" and "Footwear. Bags. Accessories" will be held under the same roof of the National Exhibition Center "BelExpo" located at Prospect Pobeditelei, 14 from October 26 till October 29, 2010.