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Suppliers say, Belarus lacks fashionable shoes

This winter Belarusian market showed increased demand for winter footwear. Interfax portal received this information from the participants of Specialized international exhibition “Shoes. Bags. Accessories.” that will be held in Minsk on February 15-18, 2011.

“For footwear makers winter is always a god seasons, the same as Women's day for flower shops or New Year for celebrities. This winter was very snowy; therefore we observed an increase of sales in comparison with the previous two years. There was even a small deficiency of imported winter footwear,” — stated a representative of private enterprise “ShickGroup”.

According to wholesale traders, this deficiency occurred as a result of increased demand for winter footwear that could be caused by weather forecasts promising an extremely cold winter. The forecasts have not proved to be true yet, but the main peak of sales is already over.

According to Eugeni Markevich, director of “Topo” LLC, his company is planning to increase the volumes of supplies in the next season. “”This year no footwear for men was left at all. We are very much satisfied with the sales of footwear for women. We will definitely import more footwear for the next autumn and winter season”.

Yury Kaminskiy represents Rylko factory, a new participant of “Shoes. Bags. Accessories" exhibition. He says, that this year his factory produced a small lot of footwear based on sheepskin. The whole lot was sold in the first couple of days.

The representative of the company also underlined, that this winter was characterized by the abundance of cheap footwear of low quality available in the markets. The customers lacked footwear produced by specialized firms that can guarantee the quality of the products.

Yury Kaminskiy supposed that the demad for spring and summer footwear will remain high: “Many customers did not want to spend their money before the New Year. But after all majour events in the country the rate of dollar did not raise and the situation is stable. Purchasing power of Belarusian people will therefore be high".”

Other wholesale suppliers also hope for good sales volumes. The participants of the exhibitions stated, that many producers have already made up spring and summer collections and are preparing catalogs to show in the course of exhibition together with the samples.

The main aim of “Shoes. Bags. Accessories.” Exhibition is to provide contacts between wholesale suppliers and trade organizations. Taking into consideration specific characteristics of Belarusian market and the wishes of the participants, mid-February was considered the most optimal time for the exhibition. These terms are appropriate both for wholesale suppliers and retailers, underlined the members of the organization committee.

The members of the committee also added that although the exhibition is mainly aimed at the specialists in the sphere, it is also worth a visit by the customers of all types because it will feature top fashion collections of the new season. Footwear, bags and accessories represented in the course of exhibition will be available in Minsk shops in spring of 2011.

2nd Specialized international exhibition “Shoes. Bags. Accessories" will be held on February 15-18, 2011 in Minsk in the pavilion of National exhibition center “BelExpo” at the address: Y.Kupaly str., 27. Official web-site: www.exposhoes.by.



International trade show "Footwear. Bags. Accessories" will be held in Minsk for the first time

Leading producers and distributors of footwear, bags, accessories, as well as equipment for fabrication and repair of footwear and leather smallwear from Belarus and other countries will gather together at the I International specialized trade show "Footwear. Bags. Accessories", that will be held in Minsk from October 26 to October 29 in the National Exhibition Center "BelExpo" located at the address: Prospect Pobeditelei, 14


It is time to get dressed from top to toe: specialized trade shows "Leather and fur" and "Footwear. Bags. Accessories" will be held in Minsk

What unites manufacturers of footwear, bags and outdoor clothes? The first answer that comes to one’s mind is fashion. Jackets and high boots shall match each other - there is no other way. The second one is materials. Leather and fur are used in both footwear manufacturing and fabrication of rain, fur and sheepskin coats. And, as from this autumn, there will be one more uniting factor, i.e. the trade show in Minsk. The first specialized trade shows "Leather and fur" and "Footwear. Bags. Accessories" will be held under the same roof of the National Exhibition Center "BelExpo" located at Prospect Pobeditelei, 14 from October 26 till October 29, 2010.