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Let's choose footwear for spring-summer in February

Considering huge interest of companies and consumers in the 1st International specialized trade-show "Footwear. Bags. Accessories" held in Minsk in October, the organizers decided to hold this forum twice a year. Therefore, everyone will be able to visit the next "footwear parade" already in February 2011.

"Almost all exhibitors were satisfied with their participation in the trade show, many agreements with trading companies were signed, while visitors' interest to the forum exceeded our expectations. Focusing on participants' recommendations, we decided to hold this trade show twice a year: in September and in February. Exhibitors will present autumn-winter collections at autumn forum, and at winter forum, they will present spring-summer footwear. Thanks to this separation, trade representatives will be able to evaluate available assortment and to buy needed volumes prior to the beginning of the season, while consumers will get opportunity to familiarize themselves with specialties that will soon appear on the shelves of  the stores", www.interfax.by was informed in the organization committee.

We would like to mention that the organizers and participants of the trade show considered "people's voice" and promised to make the forum in February more interesting for a mere consumer. "The trade show will preserve its business orientation; but keeping in mind, that there were not only employees of different companies, but also ordinary people among visitors of the trade show, the exhibitors plan to organize in future footwear retail sail from their stands."

Moreover, the organizers plan to extend the expo and to attract a bigger amount of exhibitors.

Producers and distributors of footwear, bags and accessories of famous domestic and foreign trademarks took participation in the 1st trade show "Footwear. Bags. Accessories". Women's, men's, children's and sport footwear, as well as leather smallwear, accessories, and footwear care agents were presented at the trade show.

The 2nd International specialized trade show "Footwear. Bags. Accessories" will be held in Minsk at the address Y.Kupala St.27 on February 15 - 18, 2011. "Expolist", LLC is the organizer of the trade show.



International trade show "Footwear. Bags. Accessories" will be held in Minsk for the first time

Leading producers and distributors of footwear, bags, accessories, as well as equipment for fabrication and repair of footwear and leather smallwear from Belarus and other countries will gather together at the I International specialized trade show "Footwear. Bags. Accessories", that will be held in Minsk from October 26 to October 29 in the National Exhibition Center "BelExpo" located at the address: Prospect Pobeditelei, 14


It is time to get dressed from top to toe: specialized trade shows "Leather and fur" and "Footwear. Bags. Accessories" will be held in Minsk

What unites manufacturers of footwear, bags and outdoor clothes? The first answer that comes to one’s mind is fashion. Jackets and high boots shall match each other - there is no other way. The second one is materials. Leather and fur are used in both footwear manufacturing and fabrication of rain, fur and sheepskin coats. And, as from this autumn, there will be one more uniting factor, i.e. the trade show in Minsk. The first specialized trade shows "Leather and fur" and "Footwear. Bags. Accessories" will be held under the same roof of the National Exhibition Center "BelExpo" located at Prospect Pobeditelei, 14 from October 26 till October 29, 2010.