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Five signs of fashionable footwear of 2011

Rich colors and elevated platforms will prevail in fashion footwear collections of 2011. Footwear manufacturers and suppliers in Belarus well aware of fashion trends in their industry are getting ready for the trade show "Footwear. Bags. Accessories" to be held on February 15 - 18, 2011 in Minsk in the pavilion of the National Exhibition Center "BelExpo" at the address: Y. Kupala Str., 27.

Specialists assure that Belarusian consumer has become more demanding, and he is not ready to waste his money for poor quality and outdated goods. That is why the quality of products to be presented at the upcoming trade show is the focal point for the participants of the trade show. Manufacturers include fashion trends of the upcoming season into their new collections, while suppliers pay attention to only those shoes and boots that will for sure be interesting for consumers.

The reporter of the news portal www.interfax.by found out what would be in fashion in 2011, and singled out some distinctive features. With help of these features, already today, without any difficulties, you will be able to find on stores' shelves, at specialized trade shows and in catalogues those shoes that will be in fashion in summer.

Platform and wedges

Platform footwear will make the owner of a new pair of peeps taller and slimmer. A platform may be high or low, may support the entire foot or spread for only the slope, leaving space for an elegant heel. Everything depends on buyer's taste and preferences.

Striped footwear

Do not be afraid to look foolish buying shoes with obvious stripes. Those, who only yesterday raised their eyebrows in surprise judging your new acquisition, today will be most likely forced to acknowledge that you keep pace with the times.

Color vivacity and incompatibility

In 2011, footwear shall be of intensive colors. Combination of incongruous at first sight colors, i.e. light-blue and red, blue and green. The main principle is to preserve geometric lines. Many stylish designers observe this principle in their new collections.

With ribbons and belts

Ties, belts, ribbons and cords are preferable in every possible way.  Besides, they may either match footwear in color or stand out. These insignificant at first accessories may completely change your footwear. If you still doubt it, imagine mere black "pumps" with multi-color belts and ribbons. Are you impressed?

With hint of metal

Next season, metal will also look good on footwear. Naturally, we are not talking about cheap roughly glued paillettes from market. Brilliant "gold" trimming and elegant inclusions of any "metal" colors are well traced in collections of many well-known designers.


New fashion footwear collection "Spring-summer 2011" will be presented at the 2nd International specialized trade show "Footwear. Bags. Accessories" that well be held from February 15 till February 18, 2011 in Minsk in the show pavilion of the National Exhibition Center "BelExpo" located at the address: Y. Kupala Str., 27.

The organizer of the trade show "Footwear. Bags. Accessories" is "Expolist", LLC. Further information is available by telephones: (+375 17) 250-12-74,250-36-02, (+375 29) 689-05-33 or at the website www.exposhoes.by.

Irina Kienya



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