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Characteristics of quality footwear

What signs one should look at when buying footwear for this particular pair to serve you longer and not to bring any troubles? Interfax portal asked the participants of Specialized international exhibition “Shoes. Bags. Accessories.” that will be held in Minsk on February 15-18, 2011 in the pavilion of National exhibition center “BelExpo” at the address: Y.Kupaly str., 27 to enumerate the characteristics of quality footwear.

Correct marking

Not all customers pay attention to correct marking of the goods, however, this is one of the main characteristics of quality footwear. A responsible producer always tries to make his product compliant with state standards of the country his footwear is sold in.

The participants of “Shoes. Bags. Accessories.” exhibition told us that in accordance with Belarusian standards (GOST) each shoe should have a pictogram that defines the material of the upper part, lining and sole. As a rule, in footwear for men the pictograms are printed on the insole of one of the shoes, and in female footwear this information is stated on a label placed on the sole. Good manufacturers always put a care notice in the box with footwear.

The name of the product, upper material, fitting, size, GOST number, month and year of manufacture and warranty period on the footwear package of on a notice inside.

Upper material

If you want to buy leather footwear, pay your attention to open cuts. In quality footwear they are usually present. Synthetic leather has a multy-layer structure (upper pert + fabric basis) that is easily seen, that is why those who produce footwear from synthetic leather usually tuck fringes inside. Moreover, synthetic leather has a specific chemical scent.

Usually calf, pig or goat skin is used in mass production.

Calf skin guarantees the longest period of service for your shoes. This material is considered the most resistant and appropriate for winter footwear.

Pig skin is cheaper and less resistant than calf skin. It looses shape in wet weather and is usually used for manufacturing separate elements: lining, insoles, collars and applications.

Goat skin has beautiful texture, but is the thinnest of all. This material is used for model shoes that are not meant for everyday wearing.

Heel parts

Heel part should first of all be firm. A soft heel part is the indication of defect. Heel part can be either integral or made up of 2 parts, however, specialists state that integral should with integral heel parts are the most long-lasting. It should be also stitched with a lapped seam so that you can see the thickness and quality of the material. In case the seam is tucked it is possible that the produces is hiding something from you — either synthetic or too thin leather.

Heels, toes, collars

When looking at the pair of footwear pay attention to the colour of each shoe, height of toes, heels and collars — they should be identical.

It is better to select the heels made of homogenous material, because painted or leather-decorated heels loose their beautiful look very quickly. It is better to select black heels , because even if they get scratched, a shoemaker will find the right tone of the paint. Moreover, you can paint a scratch with a permanent marker yourself.


А крупные - будут пропускать воздух и влагу. Ideally straight seams are a sign of quality footwear. No threads should stick out of them. Have a closer look at the stitching — each stitch should be 2-3 mm long. Too short stitches can create perforation effect, and the leather can simply tear along them.

Lining material

Regardless the material that is used for lining (fur, leather of fabric), footwear should be smooth inside for it not to hurt and not to cause sore spots.

Leather lining should have no paint on it, otherwise it will soil your socks and tights. In case the upper part of the shoes is made from synthetic leather, the lining should still be natural. Synthetic materials of lining can absorb the sweat and the footwear can smell badly.

The same rules apply for insoles.


Footwear zipper is different from other zippers — in is thicker and more massive.

A quality zipper consists of a thick fabric band and a roller with thick body frame. It is advisable to choose rollers with an embossed internal part of the base. A zipper should be sewn in without skewness or waves.

The participants of “Shoes. Bags. Accessories.” exhibition state that a trade mark on the roller is a good sign of quality, however, this is not an obligatory prerequisite.

As long as we are speaking about long-lasting shoes, it is worth mentioning, that the more decorative details there are on the footwear, the more problems with it you are sure to experience. Small metal or plastic details use for decoration often break or get lost and sometimes can not be replaced. Moreover, decorative elements of high-collar boots often clamber to the skirt or coat herm, and this should be taken into consideration when you buy these items.





Olga Artishevskaya


2nd Specialized international exhibition “Shoes. Bags. Accessories" will be held on February 15-18, 2011 in Minsk in the pavilion of National exhibition center “BelExpo” at the address: Y.Kupaly str., 27. The The exhibition is organized by «Expolist» LLC.



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